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Sand in herpetoculture: perspectives from a herpetologist


Let me preface this post that I would never claim to know as much about keeping animals as many of the members of the herp community here on tumblr. That being said, I do professionally study reptiles and amphibians, and have been studying them in a scientific sense for almost a decade. I may therefore be qualified to offer some opinions on the contentious issue of having sand in terraria based on intimate knowledge of reptiles and their habits, but I urge also against taking my word for gospel. I am just as liable to being wrong on these issues as anyone else; I am not, after all, totally objective (though I like to think I have the best interests of the animals at heart).

I reckon the majority of tumblr’s herp community will have seen the debate that has flared up over using sand as an appropriate substrate for particular species of reptile, specifically Pogona vitticeps, the bearded dragon. Before I talk about bearded dragons in particular, I want to talk generally about sand.

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What? Legit reptile care recommendations that also involve invovations to Eru?  Hells yes. 

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Who the fuck broke into my house and took pictures of my stuff?

In all seriousness, I got a pile just like it. The only difference is my collection was labeled with black plastic label maker tape.

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Something weird happened in lab today.  My boss sort of complimented me. Tossing behind a read more because lots of talking.

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I am really disappointed in my school. There was reports of sexual assault at an off-campus venue, and we got two or three emails from the public safety department and the provost. All of them were the standard “To prevent rape and assault, do these things:”. The same week, the president of another university in Michigan sends out a campus wide bulletin to his school that details rape and sexual assault are NOT acceptable and will be punished to the full extent of the law.

Way to go, LSSU, way to go. Keep telling us we’re the problem when we feel threatened or attacked.

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someone should make yaoi bingo cards seriously



Hiru! A game for the anime club!

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Matilda went downhill fast. When I posted the last entry, she was uncoordinated, but active, exploring, and very interested in her food. Around 11, I took her out to offer her more food, and she was pretty lethargic. This morning she was limp and pretty unresponsive. I dropped her off at the vet’s and filled out all the paperwork. I had to get to class. I feel like shit.

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Welp.  I am now certain Matilda has a pituitary tumor.  The abdominal tumors aren’t growing very fast, but with the pituitary tumor, she has weeks.  Maybe.  I could try and prolong the inevitable with a course of steroid treatments, but it’s still a matter of weeks if we’re lucky.  She’s undergone the drastic personality shift my other shy and defensive rat did when she had a tumor.  I could probably get her examined without her biting the vet too much, but I don’t know.  Her tolerance for handling is only because of the tumor.  It’s still a crapshot chance the steroids will help. 

I’ve started her on the babyfood/lab block mush I’ve always made for sick/injured rats.  I have to feed her alone to keep the others from eating before she does.  I don’t want to separate her from the others until I have to, but I worry about leaving her without food she can eat all day. 

My poor little girl.  I always hoped she’d warm up to me, but I wish it wasn’t like this.

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Matilda has abdominal lumps. They’re hard, maybe the size of a cherry, and I felt at least two. They were not there last Sunday. I am so torn on what to do. She HATES humans. She’s quit biting me, but she will scream and scream and scream whenever she’s handled. I really only touch her for a weekly physical exam. It invariably stresses her out so much. Her eyes and nose will be crusted with porphyrin shortly after I handle, no matter how gentle I am or how little I’ve touched her. She puffs up and hisses when any other person is even in the room. I can’t imagine what going to the vet would be like for her.

She’s also over two, angry, and grieving. She saw me take her lifelong cagemate away and never return. She eats and explores, and will tolerate the other rats, but she misses Chloe. Heck, if I take any other rat out, she paces in front of the doors all puffed out until I bring them back. I don’t have a clue what to do. I want to take her in and get the lumps removed, but I can’t imagine how hard and stressful that would be. I’m feeling guilty for even thinking about not taking her in until it’s time to end it. Losing Chloe hit me hard, and I honestly wasn’t expecting Matilda to ever really get over it. I don’t know what to even do.

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"I’m going to march with you. There won’t be a police line."

This makes me so happy.  We are getting somewhere!

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Reports: Gov. Nixon to remove St. Louis County police from Ferguson


They needed to go about four days ago. 

Now to hope that whoever replaces them can treat the protesters and media with dignity, instead of like a colonial occupier.  

Finally. Instead of just a step in the right direction, let’s hit the ground running and fix this mess.